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HP Envy x360- 15T

In Stock
Manufacturer: Coolsoft

HP ENVY 15T x360 Convertible 15.6" FHD Touch Screen 8th Gen Intel Core i5 8250U , Intel UHD Graphics 620 1TB Storage 8GB RAM

Complicated tasks suddenly becomes a pleasure cruise thanks to HP'ENVY 15, a workhorse dressed in style. Its 15.6" screen is the perfect size without making the laptop too big or too heavy. And with full HD resolution everying is presented stunningly sharp and in beautiful color. Intel latest gen processor along with 8GB of memory give you formidable computing power for all your home and business needs. You also get a 1TB HDD for massive storage room. All this visual preponderance is complemented by thunderous and crisp sound thanks to built-in B&O PLAY, dual speaker technology. Rotates 360 Degrees for touchscreen tablet Mode

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