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A Simple look at what is RAM? Featured

Everyone who uses or has ever used a computer or smartphone has come across the term RAM. We often judge how a device is better than the other using this term RAM but how well do we know this term, RAM

RAM as most people know stands for Random Access Memory but still this is a far cry from telling us what RAM is all about. I will try to explain what RAM is and why this “thing” is present in every device we own nowadays.

RAM is a small chip like device that is used as a TEMPORARY storage unit in our devices. We have all heard of hard drives or the term “storage” when buying our next computer or smartphone, well look at RAM as smaller version of this storage device. I used the term “temporary” above, this means that RAM only stores information or data only when the device is powered on. Once the device is switched off, all the data that was being stored in the RAM gets lost/destroyed.

So what type of data is stored in this RAM that its okay for it to be lost. RAM stores information/data about applications that the device will be using. This means whenever you open an application e.g. a game, all the data about that game is collected from the hard drive and copied into RAM. This makes it faster for the computer to display the information that you want to see than for it to go to the hard drive and located the application during the application’s usage.

Whenever you are using an application i.e. a game, office, etc, the changes being made will be stored in RAM until you close the application then the new changes or progress (if it’s a game) will be sent and stored in the hard drive, overwriting the previous data stored. This is why RAM is a temporary storage.

Not all RAMs are the same, there come in different sizes (storage sizes). RAMs nowadays are measuring around 4 Gigabytes (light internet browsing, MS Office Apps) to 32 Gigabytes (4K video editing, online gaming). Since we said it a “temporary storage unit” this means the higher the GB size of the RAM the more applications you can run at the same time on your device.


The question then becomes, how do I determine the best RAM size for your PC? F.I Laptops uses the following 3 points;

Usage – This refers to what you intend to use the device for e.g. if it’s a computer for gaming purposes, we would recommend you look into a PC with a RAM size of 8GB for light gaming (CoD, Fifa, NFS, etc) to 16GB for online gaming.

Multitasking - This refers to the number of activities you do simultaneously on your PC.

Patience – By this we mean how patient are you when using your PC, if you are a very patient human being then a PC with 2GB RAM will work for you.

Did You Know: A browser with 10 – 20 tabs open can use up your RAM storage space as much as 2.2GB.

So if you have ever experienced your PC slowing down or dragging whilst you have many browsing tabs open, playing a game, video/ picture editing or programming maybe it’s time you consider adding more RAM to your PC.

Visit F.I LAPTOPS Shop No.24 Shamwari Complex, Belgravia and talk to our technicians on which RAM size best suites your needs.

Thursday, 26 May 2022
Last modified on Thursday, 26 May 2022 10:50

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