About Us   Our Commitment
Our aim at FI Laptops is to provide a quality service, in what has long since been a volatile industry. What we do differently to our competitors is that in addition to new IT equipment, we also offer software support incorporating both quality and service; all at an affordable price. As we are confident in our product, we offer a 12 month warranty on all the equipment we sell. ....  At FI Laptops we are dedicated to providing Zimbabwe with the affordable technology it needs. We feel that it is our responsibility to help bridge the digital divide with affordable IT.
Product Sales
Our primary goal is to meet your computing needs with the best possible price and products. We are constantly working to bring you the products you need, at competitive prices.
1   2 Software
Looking for specific software or custom soltuions?,Contact us today. We can provide the latest software and operating systems, custom sourcing based on your requirements.
From product upgrades to components and accessories, we can be confident that we will provide you with the right solutions, at the right price.
3   5 Product Purchasing
Looking to upgrade your system? Sell your laptop or gadget for cash and get money to help you afford that latest model
Struggling to make use of that new hardware or software? We offer robust product installation and setup services.
6   7 Excellent Support
We provide IT Solutions to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses in Zimbabwe, ensuring that your IT issues are resolved quickly and with the minimum of disruption

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